We have carefully selected our furniture suppliers in order to provide you with a wide range of unique pieces of furniture, ready to complete your corporate environment project.

Furthermore, with the help of our partners we can help you custom build your office furniture, upon request.

Office furniture

It is a common fact that providing good work conditions can lead to creativity, development and expansion. That is why MDD places customer at the core of its business, putting his requirements and expectations first.

The MDD office furniture is characterized not only by high technology, high quality, and contemporary design, but also by a wide variety of products. The quality of ergonomics is also reflected in creating high working conditions for employees.

Product quality and customer service are well-established both in Europe and in the US and GCC countries.

Work, ergonomics, comfort

Profim is one of the largest office chair manufacturers in Europe.

The current position is the result of several years of constant development of the company. Throughout the 25 years of its existence Profim has built products that meet the highest standards of ergonomics, quality and design.

Our trusted partners: